Taking ambitious brands
to the next level 

A strong brand is the cornerstone for a successful business. By identifying your target audience, determining the unique selling point(s) and creating an authentic visual identity, you can elevate to a front runner in your industry.



First things first. We start by holding a strategic session where we learn all about you and your brand. Who you are, what you do, what makes you special, the competitive landscape and most importantly why you do it.

Your brand is the story you tell about who you are, what makes your company special, and where it’s going. No offer cookie cutter branding packages. Instead we work side by side to get a clear findings and craft a brand platform which forms the foundations of all the work that’s to follow, a clear road map that sets out what you stand for, how this sets you apart, and why your audience should care.

  • A clear roadmap that sets out what you stand for, how this sets you apart, and why your audience should care.


Branding is the art of (visual) storytelling. Now we’ve created a clear roadmap it’s time to make things visual. A visual branding package is the first thing customers see when they come to your site. It has a lot of power and can influence how customers feel about your brand, or even whether they trust it.

In this step I’ll make sure your visuals identity matches your story to attract your ideal consumer and leaving a lasting impression. 

  • A visual identity including a minimal of a primary and secondary logo, icon, typography and color guide


Getting your brand out there is just the beginning. I believe in long-term working relationships to make sure your story unfolds in all your communication with your clients. Thats why I provide high quality, creative design and extending solutions for brand design clients.

From concept to completion, I work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is properly executed in al of your marketing communications. whether it is a multichannel campaign, printwork designs or packaging, I’m right there with you.


  • Possibility to extend your brand with (multichannel) campaigns, printwork, online designs, packaging or other marketing materials

Let’s create a clearly defined mission and visual story that connects with your audience.

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